Act Fast. Act Local.

Our Magnifiers provide unique local knowledge and expertise to give us unprecedented insight into our markets.

The key to Magnify’s vision is the expertise of established, long-standing, strategic relationships with city-specific, boots-on-the-ground partners. Our key Magnifiers have owned and operated successful real estate, construction, property management and investment businesses for 10+ years.

Benefits of the Magnifier Edge

  • Localized market intel and expertise
  • Access to off-market deal flow at or below 90% of market value
  • Integrated construction, renovation, property management and disposition

Magnifier Screening

While the firm gives Magnifiers discretion to approach deal sourcing most effectively for them, Magnify maintains investment criteria and acquisition tracking and execution statistics to ensure our Magnifiers are meeting the expectations of the Firm and the investment objections of our investors.


  • Relationship
  • Experience
  • Target Market
  • Expectations
  • Onboarding
  • Execution
  • Evaluation
  • Feedback
  • Development